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How much does it cost to Shop Online?

FREE : In-Store Pick-Up

Delivery: $19.50

This site is not have real-time inventory with our store. Therefore, we cannot guarantee availability of products at this present moment in time.

It can take us anywhere from 1-4 hours to prepare orders for Pick-Up or Delivery.

However, once order is ready, Delivery Time can range from 15-60 minutes depending on your parish. We’re located in the City of Hamilton, so delivery could take up to an hour if you live far in Somerset or St.Georges, St. Davids.

Delivery could also be 15 minutes with Sargasso if you live in the city!

YES – If you prefer to shop on Sargasso, we’re available on there too! We’re big fans for sure.

We stand firm with our company core values of Fresh Produce, Fish and Meats, Quality Products and most importantly, a fine taste for premium hospitality. We welcome you to our home.

Just Remember that you are appreciated, amazing and awesome. With Love, EM Team

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